ADA/Beckwith Program

ADA Accommodations and Accessibility

University Housing offers several accessible rooms with communal or semi-private baths in many of our residence halls and a select few apartments.

If you believe you require housing accommodations due to a documented disability-related condition, you will need to register with the Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) in addition to submitting your housing application. DRES is responsible for providing services to students with disabilities and is available to consult with other areas of campus regarding ADA accessibility issues. For further information on how to register with DRES, visit or call (217) 333-4603 or (217) 689-0564 Video Relay System (VRS).

What residence halls are fully accessible?

University Housing's newest residence halls (Wassaja, Nugent, and Bousfield Residence Halls) and Ikenberry Dining Hall are fully accessible.

Both undergraduate and graduate students can live in the accessible rooms in Nugent Hall. The first floor of Nugent is designed to serve students with severe physical disabilities who will utilize Beckwith Residential Support Services. Along with DRES, Nugent Hall was recognized with the 2012 Barrier-Free America Award by the Paralyzed Veterans of America. Nugent floors plans and layouts

Bousfield Hall was designed for greater privacy and fewer students per bathroom. Layouts include adjoining doubles with semi-private bathrooms, a combination double and single with semi-private bathroom, and a suite of four singles with a living room and semi-private bathroom. Bousfield Hall floor plans and layouts

Weston Hall also offers a select number of wheel chair accessible rooms. Weston floor plans and layouts

Daniels Hall is a hall for graduate and upper-division undergraduates (sophomores and above). Daniels has private rooms with semi-private or private bathrooms. Food service is located across the street in the Illinois Street Residence Halls (ISR). Daniels floor plans and layouts

What furniture is provided in an ADA Accessible Room?

Beckwith Residential Support Services Rooms are equipped with a medical bed with side rails (detachable), a wardrobe (no closet), bookcase, nightstand, and desk. This furniture is all adjustable height.

All other ADA rooms (not part of Beckwith) are equipped with the standard room furniture which includes a bed, desk, chair, book shelf, chest or drawers, and a closet.

Students do have the option of providing their own hospital bed and/or desk if needed.  University Housing is not responsible for providing or storing these items but will gladly remove and store the furniture designated to that room if it does not meet the student’s medical needs.

How do I notify University Housing of my Housing needs and accommodations?

When applying for housing, there are specific boxes on the contract where you can provide your needs and accommodations required. Students should explain their accommodations and needs as clearly as possible when completing their application. Students are encouraged to apply with DRES because they will consult with University Housing regarding ADA accessibility issues. Students may also contact the Housing Information Office at (217) 333-7111 or by email at to share their needs and accommodations. 

It is imperative that students specify their housing accommodation needs on the housing application every year, as each student’s needs may change.

What is required of me if I need a personal assistant?

Beckwith Residential Support Services provides personal assistant (PA) services for students with disabilities as required to accommodate their performance of activities of daily living. See the DRES website for more details about Beckwith PAs. Students have access to up to seven hours/day of PA services, based on their needs. Students learn the skills to effectively supervise and evaluate their PA staff, reinforce proper technique, train new staff, and recruit staff independently. 

Students who require a personal assistant and are NOT part of the Beckwith Program must employ and provide training for their PA staff regarding their specific care needs. Ongoing PA training from each student is critical to the delivery of safe and effective PA support services.

A PA must have a current employment contract with the resident and complete the PA Registration Form in order to be granted access to University Housing property. This process includes the completed registration form and a criminal background check.  If a PA requires proximity access, they must have a prox-eligible i-card.  The cost for a prox i-card is $10.

What is required of me if I need a service animal?

University Housing, in accordance with ADA and Illinois 775 ILCS 30/ or “White Cane Law,” will provide an exception to the University Housing pet policy for residence hall/ apartment facilities for residents who present a documented need for a service or emotional support animal accommodation. The Service/Emotional Support Animal Policy (WORD) outlines the responsibilities of the residents who are granted approval for service or emotional support animals in living, dining, or public areas within University Housing.

Students who require a Service Animal must complete the Service Animal Registration Form to ensure that their animal is properly registered with University Housing.

Students who require an Emotional Support Animal must complete the Emotional Support Animal Registration Form to ensure that their animal is properly registered with University Housing.

Students may also contact the Housing Information Office at (217) 333-7111 or by email at to share their needs and accommodations.