Unit One/Allen Hall Orientation: Fall 2017

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) Is Orientation mandatory for Allen Hall freshmen?

The answer is no. Orientation is not required, but it is strongly encouraged. More than 90% of Allen Hall freshmen participate in the Unit One Orientation, and from the feedback that we have received over the past 20 years, freshmen who go through Orientation feel more connected to the Allen Hall community, and have reported having a stronger understanding of the resources available to them in the community.

2) Is Orientation only for freshmen?

No. Anyone who is new to Allen Hall is welcome to participate in Orientation, whether they are transferring from another university or another residence hall at the University of Illinois.

3) Why is there a registration fee?

Allen/Unit One Orientation is a student planned and student facilitated event. Unit One does subsidize the cost of Orientation, but because of the cost of the overall program, students are asked to pay a $30 fee to help cover the expenses. The fee helps to offset the costs of arriving early, meals, and some of the social activities; students who participate in Orientation also receive an Allen Hall/Unit One t-shirt.

4) Must I register before coming to campus?

You do not need to register before coming to campus, however, you will only be guaranteed a Unit One t-shirt if you register in advance. The t-shirt order is placed well before Orientation begins and those who do not register in advance are not accounted for in the order. As a result, students are encouraged to register for Orientation by August 1st, 2017.

5) Where can I see a schedule of Orientation?

The schedule will be posted on the Unit One website.

6) I am not able to attend all of Orientation. Should I still register?

Those students who may not be able to attend all of the Orientation sessions (for example Marching Illini) are still encouraged to register and to take part in as much as they are able. Orientation activities continue through 1:00 AM each night and there are plenty of things to take advantage of, even if you cannot be at every part of the Orientation.

7) Can I arrive before Tuesday, August 22nd?

Students living in the residence halls can move in as early as Sunday, August 20th at 12 noon, but there is a $40 fee Sunday night, and $60 for Monday night if you are participating in orientation, and $60 per night for Tuesday and Wednesday if you are not participating in orientation. If you participate in Orientation, the $60 a night fee is waived for Tuesday and Wednesday night, and the Orientation registration fee covers your early arrival fee as well as meals and other expenses associated with the Orientation program. Thus, a student arriving on Monday, August 21st and participating in Orientation would pay a total of $90 ($60 for Monday night, and $30 for the Tuesday and Wednesday of Orientation).

8) If I have other questions, who can I contact?

If you have questions about classes, Orientation, or other aspects of the program, you can email unitone@illinois.edu. Or call the Unit One office at 217-333-8351.