Allen Hall Groups

Student Group Guidelines

AcappAllen:  AcappAllen is an audition-free a cappella group that meets once a week for practice, and performs at Coffeehouse, Allen Hall’s monthly open mic showcase of any resident’s talents.

AHBOA: The Allen Hall Board of Activities is Allen Hall’s funding board! We allocate funds for programming, organize events for the end-of-the-year showcases, and run other creative projects throughout the year!

Allen Artists: Come and create with your fellow allenites, we have different materials and snacks every week! All skill levels are welcome.

Allen Gaming: Board games, video games, card games. This is a club for gamers, by gamers. We bring games and consoles to share and teach each other new games.

Allen Hall Book Club
: Allen Hall’s very own book club chooses new, interesting books to read and discuss at meetings.

Ceramics Club: Learn more about ceramics and create art together. Participants can also get on the key list to use the ceramics studio anytime.

Cocoa and Convo: Weekly discussion of social justice issues and current events.

Cupcake Club: We meet once a month to get together and make the greatest dessert of all!

Dungeon's & Dragons: Want to fight dragons, discover treasure, and become an adventurer? Join your hallmates for a session of Dungeons & Dragons! All experience levels welcome.

Eusa Nia: Eusa Nia is one of the seven Black Student Unions in University Housing. Located in Allen Hall, “Eusa Nia” is Swahili for “Black Purpose.” That “purpose” is to instill pride and understanding of the African-American community in Allen Hall through programs, discussions, and social events. So, do I have to be Black to participate? Nope. All residents of Allen Hall are welcome!

Food of Love: This student group aims to master the kitchen by creating a new culinary dish each meeting. 

Improv Club: Learn the basics of improv, learn how to step outside your comfort zone, and have lots of fun.

INK: INK is a supportive space where residents can express themselves through creative writing. If you are interested in poetry, playwriting, storytelling, etc. this is the group for you.

International Culture Club: A chance for international and domestic students to meet and learn from each other.

Meditation: Take just 45 minutes a week to join us in letting go of our worries through guided meditation.

Painting with Bob Ross: What better way to express creativity than to follow the guidance of Bob Ross, an artist whose videos online are entertaining and helpful? Come prepared to tap into your inner artist.

Photo Club: For beginners and experienced photographers to learn from each other, collaborate, and take photos. 

Pizza FM: An internet radio station that streams right from Allen Hall.

Planeteers: A group that is dedicated to making Allen Hall and our campus more environmentally friendly, while also learning about and enjoying the environment.

: Q is Allen Hall's discussion and support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally students. Q offers a safe space and a new family for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and/or ally students. We engage in weekly thoughtful conversations and provide educational programming for Allen Hall. Everyone is welcome!

Run For Your Life: This group gets together to run.

Science Alliance: Learn about science, discuss issues in science, and try out new amazing things in the world of science.

SLAYS: Allen’s Latinx student organization which explores and experiences Latinx cultures through discussion and participation in relevant events.

Soccer Club: Come play soccer no matter how well you play. We take everyone that wants to play. Meetings are usually on the weekends.

Stressless: Let's join together to discover and practice new methods of relaxation. We discuss new concepts and travel to different areas on campus.

The Moth: If you like stories, tea, and great company, come relax and share stories.

The Talk: A safe space to discuss sex and sexuality.

Theater Bums: Do you enjoy theater, musicals, improv, and 'all that jazz'? We do improv games, listen to musical theater, and have a great time. No experience required.

Underwear Club: Underwear Club is a positive, safe space to promote self-esteem, confidence and positive body image.

vAllenteers: vAllenteers focusses on building community by participating in various activities that give back to the community.

Yoga: Our yoga sessions are a time for you to nurture your body and mind through guided practices with professional instructors. First time yogi or experienced practitioner, all are welcome and benefit from yoga.

Is something missing? Talk to a PA to learn how YOU can start your own club or put on your own program! Email